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23 May 2009 @ 02:51 pm
As all of you know, I spent the last week in a cruise from vancouver to Alaska to view whales, orcas and glaciers. The first day was probably the most stressful :P If you think that the security in an airport is tight, then you'll probably hate the security in piers as much as I do now. The lines were so long heading to each section. I also witnessed first hand why having an American passport makes traveling much easier. All of us have one except lola Menchu. With her Philippines passport she had to go through immigration as did many of the other asians and indians that were in the ship. Right when we were about to enter the ship, we were given Sea Passes, our ID's/Passports/Credit Cards for the duration of the cruise. I was excited to receive mine because I remembered how during our first cruise back in the States, I kept my card until my wallet was stolen xD When I saw my Sea Pass however I was disappointed to see that my name was "ESTEBAN, JONATHANJUSTI". How messed up is that! Ugh, everyone elses was fine :( When we finally entered our rooms, the captain informed all of us via the intercom that we we all had to bring our lifevests to our respective location and sit back as a drill. During that day we just rested and had dinner. The service was exceptional and the food was not only free and delicious but it was available practically 24/7!

Throughout the cruise, I was able to play basketball quite a lot and teach JP and Raya how to play table tennis. Dad and I even played a lot of table tennis games, I was surprised at how good he is.

Ugh~ Will post more when I get on a PC, I'm not used to laptops ~_~